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    Pace of Play Policy

Mystic Creek Pace of Play Policy Golf Course & Enforcement

“Players should recognize that their pace of play affects others and they should play promptly throughout the round (such as by preparing in advance for each stroke and moving promptly between strokes and in going to the next tee”Per the USGA Rule 5.6

Mystic Creek GC takes pace of play seriously and staff will enforce accordingly to ensure the enjoyment of all players at the course. While we understand that players of all ability levels want to enjoy the course, everyone should respect fellow golfers and ensure timely play on every hole.

The established pace of play for all three nines at Mystic Creek is two-hours fifteen minutes (2:15) for 9-holes and four-hours thirty minutes (4:30) for 18-holes.

This notice is to inform all golfers of the following:
  • Golfers are expected to maintain the minimum pace of play

  • All golfers will utilize appropriate tees based on ability level

  • All golfers accept that if they fall behind pace the staff has authority
    to enforce pace of play when deemed necessary

  • Pace of play enforcement includes requiring groups to skip one or more
    holes to catch up to proper pace

  • No prorated refunds issued for any groups who must skip holes for being
    behind pace of play

  • Pace of play policy shall be enforced for all players at Mystic Creek!
This includes league play and outings